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Exchanges TO the U.S.A.
Welcome to the U.S.A.
Information for our international guests on exchange on the U.S. Hosted Exchange at Newport, Rhode Island

The US Exchange normally begins at the end of June. It  lasts two weeks and includes the US Independence Day Holiday on July 4, a time of national celebration.  The exchange is hosted at the US Naval Station at Newport, Rhode Island.  Newport is the Navy's premier site for training officers, officer candidates, senior enlisted personnel and midshipmen candidates, as well as conducting advanced undersea warfare and development systems.  Exchange participants can look forward to training in shipboard navigation and damage control, physical fitness, teambuilding, and other nautical activities.

U.S. Flag & Statue of Liberty


Picture at the USS Nautilus 

USA Exchange participants experience a diversity of additional activities such as touring US warships, historical ships, and nautical museums, taking a harbor cruise, kayaking, and visits to the beach, various cities, and amusement parks.  Trips to New York City and Boston are generally on the agenda, with one or more nights away from the base.  Cadets are advised to bring US$400 in spending money.  Currency Changers are available at the airport, and most merchants accept Visa and MasterCard.


International participants should arrange round-trip air travel to TF Greene Airport (PDV) in Providence, RI.  A US host will meet your party at the airport and provide transportation to and from the base.  Berthing and messing in Rhode Island will be at Officer Training Command facilities located at Naval Station Newport.  Information on the base is available at [] Cadets will berth in air-conditioned 2- and 4-person dormitory-style cabins.  Wireless internet connectivity is provided, and there is an internet café on base.  Electrical power receptacles are 120v, 60-Hz with the international “Type-A” design [!ab.htm#plug_b]   Laundry facilities with soap will be available.  Pay telephones are available on base.  If bringing a cell phone, check with your carrier for compatibility and rates in the US.

Damage Control aboard the Buttercup 


Aboard a USCG Small Boat 

Expect mostly sunny days with highs between 25-30C and evening lows between 15-20C, but prepare for rain at any time.  Bring appropriate clothing and outerwear to accommodate a variety of climate conditions on land and water. A small camera is a good idea.  We encourage sharing digital photos at the end of the exchange to maximize the memories of the remarkable moments experienced.


Due to the demanding physical nature of planned activities, cadets must be in good physical condition and free of medical problems such as asthma, severe allergies, or taking prescribed medications.  A variety of foods and beverages will be available at meals.  Special dietary requests will be accommodated to the maximum extent possible; however, we cannot guarantee accommodating all unique needs.



Visit to USCG Cutter 

A comfortable summer uniform is recommended (each nation’s escort officer should make the determination for his or her contingent).  The “full kit” dress uniform is not recommended, as Newport can be very hot at this time of year. Please refer to this packing list:  [PDF of Encl(2) to the invitation]. Bringing small souvenirs to exchange with participants from other nations as well as allowing extra packing space for purchased souvenirs is suggested.  Be sure to check airline for baggage restrictions and costs.


Please note we strive for this exchange to be as enjoyable as possible, however there are a few rules you need to be aware of.  The consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products whether by smoking or smokeless is not allowed by any participant on this exchange.  It is natural that cadets will want to visit with each other, and friendships will naturally occur.  However, “private time” between male and female cadets, or inappropriate display of affections, cannot be permitted.

Tour via Amphibious Boat

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