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International Sea Cadet Association

What is the ISCA?

The importance of youth training cannot be stressed sufficiently. The Future of Nations and the World will depend on the sort of youth training that young adults receive and the various countries encourage.

All Nations need to ensure that the future leaders of their countries are adequately trained in those other important and oft overlooked leadership skills which make good stable and moral citizens, by encouraging youth training organizations to flourish. To this end, the International Sea Cadet Association has a very special role to play. Through its mission, maritime youth training organizations are encouraged throughout the World, regardless of their geographical location.

What is a Sea Cadet Corps?

A Sea Cadet Corps or corresponding organization is a voluntary, non-political and non-militant youth organization, with membership unrestricted by race, sex or philosophical or religious convictions, which offers practical and theoretical training in nautical and maritime subjects within the context based on naval traditions.

What then is the International Sea Cadet Association?

The International Sea Cadet Association, referred to as the ISCA, is a voluntary association of independent Sea Cadet Corps or corresponding organizations, committed to common concepts and goals, and wishing to share ideas and information, and, to the best of their ability, to engage in cadet exchanges and to provide mutual support in order to promote the benefits of Sea Cadet training world-wide.

What is the aim of the ISCA?

Although member organizations may define their own individual Aims and Objectives, they agree to adhere in spirit and practices to the following:

To encourage young people towards high personal standards, teamwork and a sense of responsibility to the community through the medium of disciplined nautical training and development of leadership qualities.

To develop in young people an appreciation of the importance of the sea to international commerce, Defense and the protection of the environment.

What are the Objectives of the ISCA?

Promote international and inter-cultural understanding, goodwill and friendship among young people who have an interest in nautical activities

Promote the exchange of Sea Cadets between member organizations

Provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas about member organizations and youth exchanges

Encourage the formation of organizations based on the Sea Cadet concept world-wide, promote their joining the ISCA, and resist membership by militant or politically motivated groups

Provide member organizations with non-monetary support for fund-raising for youth exchange-related activities

Provide a platform from which the image and ethos of the international Sea Cadet movement can be promoted world-wide.

When is the Conference?

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps continues to support the ISCA. Annually, a conference is held in an ISCA member country to discuss the issues of the day. In 2011, that conference will be in Japan in October and a representative from the NSCC will be in attendance. If you have questions you would like asked at the conference, please email them to us at iep@seacadets.org. ISCA is YOUR organization and you have a voice. Make it count!