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Exchanges TO the U.S.A.

Application Process

Congratulations on deciding to apply for the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps International Exchange Program! The application process for this special training may appear to be complicated, but with some patience you will find it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Please remember that you are applying for an extremely competitive training. Many outstanding cadets will be applying and you need to show the IEP Selection Committee your stuff. You must set yourself apart from the others by demonstrating through your application your dedication to not only the NSCC but to yourself.

This section will provide additional information that you may use on the application. Please read everything on the application carefully. Any forgotten information will disqualify your application. Since this training is for mature young adults, it is expected that you will have complete control over your application and will follow directions to the letter. This is not to make things difficult for you – only to show that you are capable of following directions and presenting yourself in a positive light. If you are selected you will be doing this every moment on your trip abroad. Good Luck!

Please confirm the deadline for your application. There are no exceptions for being late. Please make sure that your application package is mailed to LCDR Campbell and NHQ with ample time for receipt by this date. Do not wait until that last minute and mail by an overnight service. This is a costly way to send your application. When mailing your package, please make certain that a signature is not required at the other end. Applications may not be faxed or emailed under any circumstances.

(rev 2/7/14)
(rev 2/7/14)

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