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Exchanges TO the U.S.A.

About the Program


To provide specialized education, training and the opportunity to travel abroad for qualified US Naval Sea Cadets who have an interest in learning about the cultural differences and nautical traditions that strengthen us as a global community.


The Sea Cadet program is not unique to the United States. Many maritime countries have similar programs for their youth and there is a growing interest in participation in an International Sea Cadet Exchange Program. The United States, Canada, and Bermuda have been conducting a Sea Cadet exchange since the early 1970s. In addition, the United States typically conducts exchanges with Japan, Belgium, Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, and Australia; check the Exchanges page to see which exchanges are occurring this year. The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps also conducts an exchange in the United States for visiting cadets from many nations.

The IEP is fully operational due to federal funding. Presently, cadets participate in exchange programs with little or no expense (just a few hundred dollars) due to support received from the Department of Defense. This funding also covers the administrative/operating expenses that such an operation requires. 

Since cadets need to be prepared for their adventure abroad, correspondence courses will be created, depending on the destination country, to better acclimate the cadet to life in the foreign country. Customs, traditions, courtesies, and history will be some of the topics covered. Cadets need to be prepared to deal with the spectrum of new experiences that they will encounter and react in a positive way.

The IEP wishes to remain a self-sufficient operation by raising its own operating funds. The vision is to develop an endowment sufficient to operate the NSCC IEP as a "no cost" opportunity for the US Naval Sea Cadets participating in International Exchanges. Prior to federal funding, the exchange program to Japan cost each cadet (or his/her parents) about $2000 for the airfare only. The host country may or may not pick up the "land cost" once they are in country. This makes it impossible for cadets from low-income or urban areas to participate and enjoy the incredible experiences overseas. As mentioned above, the federal funding brings this cost to the cadet/parents down from thousands to just a few hundred dollars for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

At present, the IEP dream has been realized thanks to our federal funding. But this funding may not last forever. Volunteers are needed to write grants, organize Navy League Councils, and get the project moving forward. An International Officer Certification Course (IOSC) is in the works and volunteers are needed to help with this project.

If you are interested in learning more about the IEP or would like to help, please contact the program .

Remember, the experience of traveling abroad should be determined by merit, not the ability to pay.


Click here to download the International Exchange Program Brochure (PDF file)